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Brown Trout Scientific Studies

The following studies are in Acrobat Reader (PDF) format. Fly fishing for brown trout doesn't demand that you become a scientist, however you can learn a lot about the habits and behaviors of these fish in some of these studies. These brown trout studies cover a range from genetics to stocking hatchery fish over wild populations. I will continually update these listings.  Some of the articles may be too scientific for the average fly fisherman but by reading the abstract and summaries you can gain the over all theme of the study. I have included studies from many different areas such as aquaculture and habitat models so you get an idea of the complexity of the problems. A few of the studies may take a while to open because they are very large files.  Realize that this is just a sample of  what is out there in the scientific community. Only by understanding the science of the brown trout can we make any strides in saving and protecting these wonderful fish and the habitat that they need to survive. Also realize that studies may contradict one another because if different streams and different populations of brown trout can produce different results.

If you have a study as a scientist or you know of one please contact me. I will be glad to post it on the site. As always I wish you the best in your reading.


Gene Macri
Aquatic and Environmental Scientist