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Gene Macri

 Learn the truth about fly fishing on Pennsylvania Streams and  Spring Creeks with Gene Macri. I have fished these stream more than just about anyone alive with the exception of Ed Shenk and few others. I have done most of the scientific research on these streams as most of you know. You get a professional fly fisherman and an aquatic scientist. How many other guiding services can offer you that!

Here are a just a few of the streams I offer fly fishing instruction and guiding on:

I also offer guiding, instruction and lessons on private waters if you so desire. When you fish with me I furnish most of the equipment including rods, lines, reels etc. You need only a valid license, boots, hat, sun glasses etc. Furthermore, I don't charge for the use of the equipment. Why? I learned a long time ago most people don't have the proper equipment to fish these streams. The equipment they do have hinders their chances of being successful. I won't lie to you or spin you like other guides and services because these streams are tough to fish and most angler's success rates are low. There are some mighty big trout in some of these waters but if you listen to the spin on the net you'll have little chance catching them.

Furthermore, most of the hatches these guides talk about disappeared over 30 years ago. I should know I do the research on these streams. The stream with best hatches at the present time is Big Spring. Forget about what you've seen on the internet or read in magazines by these so called experts who don't even live here! If you want the truth just email me. I'll be glad to help you out. My rates are competitive and I don't guarantee you'll catch fish. No one can do that. I guarantee to teach what I've learned for over 30 years fly fishing these streams. Yes, I teach and instruct you during your session. Many guides frown on this because they want you back and don't want you to learn too much. If you learn enough to fish the streams by yourself the next time out I figure I've done my job. Perhaps you'll recommend me to your friends. You need only look through my many websites to find out who some of my mentors were.

So if you need guiding or instruction or just want chat about these streams drop me a line:


Fly Fishing Instruction, Guiding, and Lessons
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