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Brown Trout Fly Fishing Equipment
Eugene "Guido" Macri

Brown Trout fly fishing equipment should match the size of the fish and the type of river, stream or lake that you are fishing. I prefer longer rods for most waters because they give you more control over drift and thus stop drag.  Longer rods also allow the fly angler to strike quicker and move more line.

Sage Introductory Trout Fly Fishing Package ( 5wt, 4 pc Fly Rod, with Reel & Line)

The following table gives you some ball park estimates of rod and lines to use for most streams:

St. Croix Reign Fly Rods Model: R908.2 (9' 0", 8 wt., 2 pc.)

Fly Rods For Brown Trout Fishing

Rod Size Line Size Stream Type
7.6 -8.6 ft 2-4 Small, Medium Streams
8.0-9.0 ft 3-5 Small, Medium Streams, More open Streams
8.0 -9.6 ft 2-4 Spring Creeks
8.6 -9.6 ft 5,6,7, 8 Larger Streams and Lakes

I prefer medium fast rods for most of the streams. For spring creeks depending upon the type of fishing you probably want a slightly softer rods for midge or trico fishing and stiffer rod for dry fly and nymph fishing. For most brown trout in streams, rivers, and lakes these rods recommendations make sense.

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Fly Lines For Brown Trout Fishing

I like Weighted Forward or Double Taper Lines.  It's up to you because modern fly lines whether they are Weighted Forward or Double Taper cast fine for most types of water.  Here's a little secret that will save you money.  For nymph and wet fly fishing by a cheaper fly line.  Even a level line will work for nymph and wet fly fishing especially if using split shot.  Also, remember you can clean your fly line also even old ones if you do it right.

Fly Reels

Fly reels are a matter of preference. However, get a fly reel with a good drag. You should play your fish off the reel. This is especially true on spring creeks or when fishing light tippets. You can get a good fly reel for under $75.00 these days. One other point get a fly reel that balances with your rod. Most of the reels are too light these days and don't offer a proper balance point. Too light a reel causes arm fatigue. 

Sage 1800 Series Fly Reel

Fly Leaders and Tippets

There are a ton of leaders on the market all offering magical properties.  Try the leaders that you want and find a few brands and stick with them. I prefer knotless leaders.  Do not use knotted leaders on spring creeks or for selective trout because they will spook the trout by causing drag.  I like 7.6 foot leaders and then add a shock tippet and then my tippet. So I only have one or two small knots in my leader. In tippet material I like various types depending upon whether fishing wet or dry flies.  You should use the tippet material that will turn the way you want for the type of casting and fishing you are doing.