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Brown Trout Journal And Fly Fishing Tips

Sign up for our Brown Trout Journal. The Brown Trout Journal is Free!. Here's some of the stuff you'll find in the Journal for the brown trout fly fisherman:

  • The Hottest Streams in the Country.
  • Streams That are being threatened by environmental degradation
  • Fly Hatches on specific streams
  • Equipment selection for fishing
  • Fly tying: Special Flies and how to tie them that you'll find nowhere else.
  • Scientific studies and reports.  Learn about the science of this great fish.
  • Proper techniques for different types of streams.  Learn how to fish streams like no one else and become a savvy fly angler with stealth and patience.
  • What kind of leaders and knots are best! Learn what most fly fisherman never understand of what makes the difference between hooking and landing large fish.
  • Learn how to take the biggest trout from anywhere and stream and to find out if that stream really has them.
  • Trout vision and intelligence: why most stuff that has been written is wrong!
  • How to Night Fish for Big Trout and Especially Big Browns

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